Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Preparations Begin

The trip this summer marks the third trip to Europe for the Men's Soccer Team during Kennell’s tenure as coach and the first for Balduino's squad. Previously the Men’s team made a trip to Germany, Austria Switzerland and Italy, where the team completed their tour with two wins and two losses. The team faced tough competition during the trip, most notably its defeat to a Seria C team. Having faced such tough competition, Kennell’s squad quickly learned what European Football is all about. Over the past four years the Warriors have grown even stronger in skill and as a unified team. They look to embark upon new horizons as they travel abroad this summer.
The Women's team has been growing stronger year by year under the guidance of Coach Balduino. They look to continue to grow on the pitch through their trip this summer.
From July 29th until August 8th the team will travel through two European countries: Scotland and Ireland, with a short stop in at Old Trafford.
During their time in Europe they will have the opportunity to play the best competition Europe has to offer and look to build towards another successful season.