Friday, July 30, 2010

Men's and Women's Soccer Touch Down in Scotland!

Thursday July 29th and Friday, July 30th 2010 Men’s Soccer

Who doesn’t love an 8 hour flight with a bunch of tired and stinky people? Besides the length of the flight everything went smoothly while landing into Paris. There basically wasn’t a layover because we had to rush onto our flight connecting to Edinbrugh. Only two people had troubles with luggage, which was easily fixed. Since the women’s team had a later flight, the men’s team had a chance to walk around and enjoy Edinbrugh for a little bit. Once connected with the women’s team, we both experienced the crazy driving of the double decker bus that eventually took us to our first overnight destination at Sterling. The scenery of Sterling is beautiful with little shops everywhere you look. The Golden Lion is a nice, cozy hotel that has probably the smallest elevator anyone has ever seen. The team didn’t miss a beat and went straight to work with a hard session. It looks like everyone will be going to bed early tonight. Joe loves his mom. We are all having a fantastic time and look forward to our game tomorrow against Hearts of the Scottish Premier League.

Kory Barto #25

Thursday July 29th and Friday, July 30th 2010 Women’s Soccer
We had three first time flyers with us, one including myself. To say the least I got enough flying in for a good while. We had a small delay at the JFK airport in New York but the touch screens in all the headrests and the live video of take-off and landing certainly made up for the wait. Once we landed in Paris after our first plane, we were escorted through the airport and security, cutting lines, and getting stares from the angry French. The second plane was much smaller than the two level plane we just walked off of. It was small enough that it waited for us because our group made up a large enough percentage of the passengers. That plane ride also went smoothly, and we landed here in Scotland without problems, and all of our luggage. We are staying here at the Golden Lion Hotel in Stirling, Scotland. It’s a nice hotel with some rooms much better than others, but who is to complain we are in Scotland. As soon as we checked in everyone headed out to explore the city and it has to offer. After a short tour of the shops, and of course a shopping mall we headed to Stirling University to practice. It was nice to move about vertically after sitting all day. After a good warm up we had a good practice on a beautiful field. Then we caught our double-decker bus back to our hotel. Scotland has castles and sheep everywhere just like you hear about. Tonight everyone plans to head to bed early because most of the team has been awake for around 32 hours by now. We plan to be rested and ready to play Falkirck, a women’s premiere team here in Scotland.

Katie Horn #25