Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Men's and Women's Team Travel to Edinburgh, Girls Lose First Match.

Sunday, August 1, 2010 Men’s Soccer

So the jet-lag from the long journey from JFK Airport has left our systems, but the hard work from the training has hit all of us hard. However, all of us love being back together and playing again. Today we visited the Edinburgh Castle. The architecture and the breath taking views were enjoyed by both the Men’s and the Women’s teams. We had a long time to explore Edinburgh and go out to lunch where we pleased. All of us enjoyed the local food and atmosphere. One big part of the trip that most of us are really enjoying is the weather. For most of us the 90 plus degree heat at home was just too much and a break from that in a nice cool 60 degrees was a welcomed relief from the heat and humidity.
James Quinn #1

Sunday, August 01, 2010 Women’s Soccer

Hello U.S. of A!! Greetings from Scotland!!
Today we took an adventure to Edinburgh. We started off on a bus tour through the city, learning many fascinating facts. Such as, the Queen bathed once a year. Yuck. We got off the bus at a scenic overlook and took a picture as a team with our Scottish tour guide wearing a kilt. Our next adventure took us to the Edinburgh Castle. Most of us were about to die of starvation, but managed to survive the walk through the castle. There was a beautiful scenic view from the castle looking upon the city. Most of the girls enjoyed the dungeon. Leaving the castle we saw a Braveheart look alike, dressed up with his face painted half blue. The rest of our time in Edinburgh consisted of eating lunch and visiting shops. It began to pour rain as we waited for the bus to pick us up. All 54 of us managed to fit under the roof of the bus stop. Our next stop was to the soccer fields to play our first game. We were all very tired from walking around all day, but very excited to play due to our cancelation yesterday. Their team had good skill, which caused us to lose 0-3. We were pretty disappointed since we couldn’t seem to finish our chances. We just had dinner at the hotel and are getting packed up and ready to leave bright and early for England! The girls would like me to add that we miss you all and are having a great time during our travels.
Baby Jess Rae #5