Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 6: Men's Soccer plays Chester Nomads to 3-2 loss as the Women's Team wins against Chester City 3-2

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Women’s Soccer
Hola from England! Today was just as entertaining as the days before. Packed full with adventures for our team. For starters, we headed out for a 3 hour mall tour. Not really a tour, but we should have had a tour guide. It was Trafford Centre and it was the 2nd largest mall in England. This place was bigger than huge. Some of the boys were fortunate enough to snap a picture with a Manchester United, first team player, just walking out of a store. After the trip to the mall, we travelled on into historic Chester City. The city was filled with old churches and ancient Roman ruins. Plenty of pictures were taken before our bus took us out of the city and to drop off the boys at their playing field. Then, we headed over to play our own game against Chester City. The game was ridiculously fun and our team played amazingly well. We started off with a quick goal by my twinny, Kati Shaner. After some battling, we went in to halftime tied 1-1. They got a quick goal in the start of the second half, but after Leslie Kester’s sweet corner kick, and two defenders jumping up and missing the ball completely, I was able to get the ball in the net. We got scored on about five minutes later on a free kick, but we quickly countered with a Kelly Prendergast goal to finish the game with a 3-2 victory. Finally, we were able to come back to this lovely hotel and wash the stink out of our incredibly intoxicating uniforms and socks.
Kari Shaner #27

August 3, 2010 Men’s Soccer
Today, we got up around 8:30 am in order to eat breakfast at 9 am. After breakfast the men’s and women’s team went to a mall in Manchester. The mall was extravagant and had a lot of shops for us to wander through. I bought a Manchester United drawstring bag in a sports store. Other players bought an array of different shirts and jerseys. After visiting the mall we hopped on the bus and went to Chester. Chester was a town full of stores and different restaurants; it seemed like it was a tourist orientated town. I also saw an ancient roman amphitheatre, that wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. Later on the men’s and women’s team went to their different games since they were at the same time. We, the men’s team, played the Chester Nomads. Their team was full of grown men that we should have beat. The game did not go our way but we played hard. There were some times when we lost our focus and the Nomads used that to their advantage. I believe that we should have won that game but everything can’t go our way. The game ended 3-2 and our goals were scored by Hermann Shasha and Scott Hordis. Tomorrow’s game will be different and I expect a win from Lycoming Men’s Soccer Team.
Hermann Shasha #2